My dermalogica facial experience at CACI Centre

I was recently invited to CACI Centre to try their Dermalogica Facial by Ms Farkhanda Bawany.
It is a facial focused on ridding your skin of dead cells, and increasing radiance.
Me, I love facials. I don’t do facials often, I do get facial on occasions only, lazy me but when it came to deep exfoliation and nourishing dry tired skin, it was the most wonderful experience ever. Being a working woman, to relax and unwind for an hour in the safe hands of the expert therapists at the CACI Centre is the ultimate treat for anyone in need of serious pampering.
Caci Centre

Dermalogica Facial treatment began after a personalized consultation. Then the therapist invited me to the facial room. My esthetician, started by removing all of my makeup and doing my face mapping to analyse my skin type under a magnifying light. My facial was an exceptional experience at Caci centre, that delivers outstanding, long-lasting results in form of glowing, beautiful skin revealed and my mind and body left revitalized.
During the facial treatment I experienced traditional hands-on techniques and non-invasive skincare technology, such as cleansing, manual extraction, exfoliation which was a bit tingling but comes up with effective result and how could I forget intensive sequenced massage from the professional therapists’ expert hands. Really enjoyed a divinely pampering neck and shoulder massage
After 45 minutes, Bam! I loved it. The facial made my skin soft and supple by adding some glow. I was incredibly impressed by how refined and smooth my skin looked, and how I’ve never felt my skin (especially my cheek area) feeling soft and silky, the dull skin and dry patches gone and my skin is looking so refreshed and nourished. It was a pleasure to have my facial from CACI Centre and to be able to relax so completely knowing that you are in expert hands. I am loving the mew me and would definately would go back there to “straighten my skin out,” especially during change of seasons or when I feel like my skin needs a good targeted treatment.
The CACI centre skin consultant recommends this facial be done once in a month or in two months and I would recommend all readers to get rid of the inexperienced beauticians and harmful products at salons.

Expert and friendly team of CACI Centre
Expert and friendly team of CACI Centre

Dermalogica incorporates products for every skin type. It contains no clogging mineral or lanolin oils found in many products and can cause break outs and no perfumes or colors. Dermalogica is continually at the cutting edge of skin care research and provide optimal results.
Armed with Dermalogica’s unique Face Mapping skin analysis, Caci Centre Dermalogica professional skin therapist will decode the skin zone by zone.

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