My Detox love

My love for detox routine is certain its a part of my daily routine and makes me feel pampered …. yes It gives me a feel of well being.

Reasons why I love detox

It Boosts my Energy
Rids the Body of Any Excess Waste
Helps with Weight Loss I believe
Stronger Immune System
Improved Skin
Better Breath
Promotes Healthy Changes
Healthier Hair
Lighter Feeling
Anti-Aging Benefits
Improved Sense of Well being what else you NEED ?

My Detox Recipe


Making detox water is as simple as nothing it includes Water, Cucumber ,Lemon , Mint leaves, Some times I add chopped Ginger .


I’m Arooj Atiq!
Digital Media specialist by profession, Blogger, Tea addict 🙂 Curious by nature , A crazy Cat lover , This blog is all about Lifestyle, beauty and happening around Pakistan & Dubai – UAE

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