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Pujaran – Synopsis


A woman’s passion for money threatens to destroy many lives.


The beautiful Madiha marries Ramis for his wealth.

Then destiny brings Abis closer to her.

But Abis is married to her best friend Haniya.

Will Madiha accept her fate? Or will she fight for what she loves?


Character Sketches


Madiha : Abeautiful young woman who yearns to acquire wealth and status. Coming from a deprived low middle class background, Madiha is not mean by nature but she is determined to break away from her environment even if it means making tough choices.  Her innocent looks and humble manner make her seem helpless and vulnerable – something she uses to get what she wants.


Ramis : Sober and responsible Ramis is a caring son and loving brother. He has become a workaholic because he doesn’t want to burden his younger brother Abis with business matters. This untiring devotion to work leads to major health issues which he ignores. On meeting Madiha , he is charmed by her beauty and  innocence and decides to give her all the happiness he can—

because his trusting nature cannot see that she is drawn to

him for his money.


Abis : Ramis’s younger brother who believes in living life to the fullest. A lively young man with a naughty sense of humour, Abis

is romantically involved with his cousin Haniya and wants to marry her some day. When fate brings him closer to Madiha he is unable to see her true colours and finds himself in a difficult and dangerous situation. Although he is not a petty man, Abis hates deceit and believes in punishing anyone who has harmed him.


Haniya : Gentle and kind Haniya is a good friend to all but has a close relationship with Madiha. Despite knowing of Madiha’s modest background, she suggests her name to Ramis’s mother when his marriage is being planned. She endures many hardships later on because of Madiha but does not expose her friend often forgiving her for her thoughtless behavior.

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