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27/06/16 Trending

Khaamta Handcrafted launches its new Pret Line

Khaamta handcrafted held the much-awaited launch of its new pret line and the grand opening of its flagship store in Karachi at Zamzama Mall, which was well- attended by a large number of print, electronic and social media, along with Karachi’s well known socialites and celebrities.
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18/05/16 Food Diary

Lazy Me – Love Kellogg’s

The way I like to eat Kellogg's is just some warm milk and a bowl full of my healthy diet meal. No I dont like Kellogg's just because I am too lazy to make food for me I like it because it's makes me feel full and light at a time and yes its portable I can eat while working on laptop the mild sweet and crunchy taste satisfies my sugar cravings and hunger.
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18/05/16 Beauty , Food Diary

My Detox love

Making detox water is as simple as nothing it includes Water, Cucumber ,Lemon , Mint leaves ,Ginger chopped
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26/04/16 Trending

Instagram Rock stars

With a fan following 1.1 Million Atif Aslam's s Instagram feed is a virtual travel diary you will find his family moments as well. Check out Instagram Rock stars score
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26/04/16 Trending # , , , , ,

A Companion to the Historical Film

"Hai naam majlison mein mera Mir-e-bedimaagh, Az baske kam dimaaghi nay paaya hai ishtihaar" - Mah e Mir
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25/04/16 Beauty

My sleek hair experience with “Jose Eber Ceramic Iron”

This Jose Eber Pink Ceramic Iron is love I apply my all time favorite Gliss Kur serum to add extra shine in my hair after ironing When trying out the iron in my hands for the first time (Oh excited me ), I noticed that the ceramic plates close all the way properly when I clamp down the main reason to switch my hair iron brand. My hair is medium thick and 1.25 Inch flat iron is the best selection to iron my hair.
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21/04/16 Beauty

Clearasil daily facial Scrub

My facial cleansing satisfied with exfoliation. And I was in need of a mild scrub for everyday use recently I got Clearasil daily scrub
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